CV Aggregator & Response Automation


Bring all your candidates' CVs into a central location and streamline the Talent Acquisition process.

Herding Cats

Your talent acquisition back-end is a mess and candidates are getting lost in the shuffle. You have CVs coming in from all directions - job boards, aggregator sites, your own careers site, friends and past colleagues, and the lack of a centralized and standardized home for all the resumes are wreaking havoc on your recruiting department’s ability to land top talent.

You’re spending all your time herding cats rather than quickly identifying and connecting with your next superstars.

You need a different approach.


Necessity is the mother of innovation and as a company with high talent acquisition demands, we struggled with keeping up with all the inbound CVs across dozens and dozens of job boards. Candidates were getting lost and response times were long — we knew there had to be a better way.

Our solution? A hyper-automation bot that compiles all job board applications and inputs them into a client-specific recruiting or talent acquisition platform. Our technology can connect with job boards that don't have integration capabilities, and we can integrate with any current platform that the customer runs.

CV Aggregator & Response Automation - Simplified

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The Benefits of CV Aggregator Response Automation

  • It’s easy to deploy! Don’t plan on devoting your 9-5 to getting it up and working.
  • It’s fast to deploy! Most projects are running within two weeks!
  • Its impact is immediate! Track progress, ROI, and improvements from Day 1.
  • It’s a force multiplier! Now, 10 recruiters can do the work of 40.
  • It’s scalable! Have a busy season coming up? Our solution handles spikes in candidate volume with ease.

Who Is CV Aggregator Response Automation Right For?

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Package/parcel delivery
  • Any industry with high hiring volumes or seasonality

Check out our CV Aggregator and Response walkthrough video!

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